MD Alam: I have a dream for peace of Muslim Americans and Minority Immigrants: MD Rabbi Alam

Posted by MD Rabbi Alam on August 14, 2012 at 1:50 PM

July 14’ 2012, Saturday

9520 James A Reed Rd, Kansas City, Missouri – 64134, USA

Immediate Media Advisory and Press Release:

From the Campaign of “MD Rabbi Alam for Missouri Secretary of State”


MD Rabbi Alam (Educator and Political Activist)

Candidate: Missouri Secretary of State (2012)

CEO: Minority Directed Small Business

National Chairman: US National Democratic Party Asian American Caucus

Founder: Missouri Democratic Party Asian American Caucus

“I have a dream for peace of Muslim Americans and Minority Immigrants” – MD Rabbi Alam

We have to creating a meaningful relationship between Muslim Americans and rest of the Americans. We have to providing an inter-connection, solution to peace in Mind, a pathway of new Global Bond. We have to bringing Humanity, Peace, Harmony Justice and blending to the new generation of fair brotherhood. Finally, Justification of Inter-faith/non-faith and transforming into a new world of Globalization is the key to American Success.

The Legendary Human Right’s Activist and Nobel Peace Winner (Dr.) REV. MARTIN Luther King Jr. understood the meaning of discrimination and oppression. He sought ways to achieve liberation and peace, and he thus understood that a special relationship exists between African Americans and American Jews. Now it is time to trust, build, and understand the relationship between the Muslim Americans and everybody else. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for the right of African Americans and building a great relationship between African Americans and rest of others. I MD Rabbi Alam believe we must trust our Muslim Americans and treat them with fairness and justification, and if verification needed we must be verified but not be pre-Judged with Anti-Islamic Theory.

Even for Non-American Muslims terrorist activities, why the Muslim Americans be victimized and blamed for? We are American Citizens and we believe in our constitution and we have nothing to do with Non-American Muslim or even American Muslim individual’s terrorist act or anti-constitutional act. A person or a group must be responsible for their acts, not the mass-population, not the mass-Muslim Communities. If and when we will be fair to Muslim Americans, no-anti-Islamic theory, and treat individuals with pride, dignity and justice that only will bring the peace among the Muslim American generations.

This message was true before 9/11 tragedy and it is true today.

Dr. Martin Luther King knew (then situation with African American and Jewish American) that both peoples were uprooted involuntarily from their homelands. He knew that both peoples were shaped by the tragic experience of slavery. He knew that both peoples were forced to live in ghettoes, victims of segregation. He knew that both peoples were subject to laws passed with the particular intent of oppressing them simply because they were Jewish or black. He knew that both peoples have been subjected to oppression and genocide on a level unprecedented in history.

King understood how important it was not to stand by in the face of injustice. He understood the cry, “Let my people go.”

Long before the plight of the Jews in the Soviet Union was on the front pages, he raised his voice. “I cannot stand idly by, even though I happen to live in the United States and even though I happen to be an American Negro and not be concerned about what happens to the Jews in Soviet Russia. For what happens to them happens to me and you, and we must be concerned.”

During his lifetime King witnessed the birth of Israel and the continuing struggle to build a nation. He consistently reiterated his stand on the Israeli-Arab conflict, stating “Israel’s right to exist as a state in security is uncontestable.” It was no accident that King emphasized “security” in his statements on the Middle East.

On March 25, 1968, less than two weeks before his tragic death, he spoke out with clarity and directness stating, “Peace for Israel means security, and we must stand with all our might to protect its right to exist, its territorial integrity. I see Israel as one of the great outposts of democracy in the world, and a marvelous example of what can be done, how desert land can be transformed into an oasis of brotherhood and democracy. Peace for Israel means security and that security must be a reality.”

During the recent U.N. Conference on Racism held in Durban, South Africa, we were all shocked by the attacks on Jews, Israel and Zionism. The United States of America stood up against these vicious attacks. The words of King ran through my memory, “What could I do to bring and light up King’s Legacy as to stop the world’s violence today?” During an appearance at Harvard University shortly before his death, a student stood up and asked King to address himself to the issue of Zionism. The question was clearly hostile. King responded, “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”

King taught us many lessons. As turbulence continues to grip the Middle East, his words should continue to serve as our guide. I am convinced that were he alive today he would speak clearly calling for an end to the violence between Israelis and Arabs. He would call upon his fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner, Yasser Arafat, to fulfill the dream of peace and do all that is within his power to stop the violence. He would urge continuing negotiations to reduce tensions and bring about the first steps toward genuine peace.

King had a dream of an “oasis of brotherhood and democracy” in the Middle East. As we celebrate his life and legacy, let us work for the day when Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims, will be able to sit in peace “under his vine and fig tree and none shall make him afraid.”

During King’s time we did not have many Muslim Americans and now we do have. If the violence and war stays between the Jewish and Muslims in the world’s Holy land in Jerusalem it also affect, spread and ignite the hates among us as Muslim Americans and Jewish Americans. But we no longer can afford it. As we are Americans both Muslim Americans and Jewish Americans we need to call for an end to this chronic blood-shaded so called holly-war. We Americans cannot hold barricade and division among us. The world had so much been globalize and we Americans need to be winning in this Global Competitions. How could we Americans will win and be victorious if we are divided? Is that what our founding four fathers taught us? Isn’t that “United We Stand and Divide we fall?” When we as Americans be standing and creating a new brotherhood among all the Inter-faith/non-faith and called us united Americans?

Our media has a lot to do with this change. Media is not justified. Media takes apples and oranges and bled it together and instead of making Apple-Juice or Orange-Juice it makes Apple-Orange-Juice. What do I mean by this our media system is too much in-love of Fabrication. Media takes stuff out of the context. The mass media can reach Millions of citizens and they can spread whatever they want. Who is out there is to protest this media? Who is out there to speak the truth? The media creates a lot of problems of what I am talking about.

We are American people, we are well resourced, we are well behaved, we are well educated and we must be well informed and well engaged in the process of creating a new generation to face the new challenges of global war-fare job market. We don’t have time for any recess. We are in danger with our national debt and we are facing a devastating financial crisis now tell me do we have really time to making divisions among us as Americans? Regardless of Muslim Americans, Jewish Americans, Christian Americans, Hindu Americans, Sikh Americans or Buddhist Americans or Non-Religious Americans we are all one nation as “AMERICANS” and we have to be a better citizen that we can face the reality and challenges that will come and challenges us as a nation.

Just look at the Job market, our most of the IT jobs has been outsourced and we don’t even find a job for our skilled workers here in USA. So what is the solution for that? Now days, for example a software engineer working for Federal Reserve Bank in India makes 20K yearly vs. same person if he is in USA it would be at least 100K. Now tell me our corporations and industries are trying to save money and hiring people with less overhead and resulting losing jobs in our homeland. So what we can figure out to face these challenges? Is it more important as a nation to work together or dividing ourselves and creating disunity among us and calling us “Racial Americans” or “Americans”?

I am so sorry and feel so depressed when I see double standard. People don’t do their part, they depend on the media and without any homework people get emotional and create a big mess among us. This attitude needs to be addressed in the national level. I am a Muslim American and I am a Veteran of United States Army, I have served in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and yet I have experienced the inequality, discrimination and oppression. As an United States Army Sergeant my experience giving me a upper hand to be speaking up. I am an American, I fought for this country, I did stood in the front line where we all should put our service to glorify ourselves and dignifying the freedom of American people.

I did not compromise my responsibility, duty and my job with my family, my wife, my kids, my parents and my friends. When it was time for me to go I went and now I am ready to see the changes that needed for us as Americans. I am your friend, I am your brother, I am your fellow American Citizen and I am your fellow comrade. I am for all the people but I am standing for the right of my fellow Muslim Americans and I am not against any one except those who are our Nation’s Enemy. I am for peace, harmony and Justice and I want to see that happens in our time.

I have been accused and falsely blamed by our media which blames me as I am Ant-Semitic. There have been defamation and propaganda about me but I am honest enough to stand for my right and I am asking the ADL to justify the defamation done by the media against me. I MD Rabbi Alam I never said any Anti-Semitic Statement, and why would I say if I never be one of them? Finally I want to clear this out that I want to work together to make a better nation as we are one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I have been experienced the media defamation and partiality by our media and many people however I am standing against this type of un-acceptable un-constitutional act which destroy reputation and I demand that the Media must Apologize and clear my record. How we could see peace in our mind if we are blamed for something we are not? I hope this will serve as the first steep of our solutions creating peace among the Muslim Americans in the United States of America in the twenty first century.

May God bring peace, harmony, liberty and justice among us as Americans and may God bless us as Americans and God bless America.

MD Rabbi Alam (D)

Candidate, Missouri Secretary of State' 2012

July 14, 2012

Kansas City, Missouri, USA


Email: [email protected]

Direct: (202) 618-0048

Please join with me at a Press Advisory and Media Conference:

Date: July 16’ 2012, Time: 3:00 PM, Location: 3700 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

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